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Repair and rework of printed circuit boards

Repair & Rework

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Defective printed boards which otherwise would inevitably have been lost due to design or process errors or changes can be quickly and inexpensively repaired with the laser. Along with cost savings, the yield and delivery time to the customer can be substantially improved through targeted repairs - especially with complex and expensive Multilayer boards.

Possible repairs include ablation of solder resist or cover sheeting:
  • Subsequent opening of pads
  • Creation of new pads for subsequent fitting
  • Opening of larger copper surfaces
  • Cleaning of throughplating holes
  • Separation of printed boards

The UV laser is characterized by high peak pulse outputs due to the short pulse lengths. They vaporize the dielectrics without damaging the copper base. The result is clean surfaces that are suitable for reworking.

Advantages of laser repair

  • Clean copper surfaces and cut edges
  • Selective material processing, the copper base is not damaged
  • Processing of fitted printed boards possible
  • Contactless material processing, thus no material deformation
  • No tensioning device or protective cover necessary
  • High level of precision and positional accuracy of the cut edges due to automatic recording
  • High level of flexibility
  • Quick and inexpensive printed board repair

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