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LaserMicronics has many years of experience in laser micro-processing. Its range of services includes the selection of suitable materials and design, process planning and prototype production. Physicists and application engineers continuously accompany and optimize the production process.

Subsequently we also take on pre-series and series production all the way to large series production. For this we use the entire range of laser systems of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG and have own application laboratories with ultra-modern measurement technology.

Technical Equipment & Laser Systems

In micro-material processing with lasers, the laser wavelengths, laser pulse frequencies and laser outputs used play a central role. LaserMicronics has a broad range of UV, IR and CO2 laser systems:

UV laser systems with a wavelength of 355 nm are especially suitable for micro-processing of metals, plastics, ceramic materials and material composites.[list/]

IR laser systems with wavelengths of 1064 - 1090 nm are used for copper direct structuring of HF and microwave circuits and for micro-processing of sheet metal up to 2 mm thick.[list/]

CO2 laser systems for processing of the most varied materials with reduced thermal input are mainly used for depaneling.[list/]

IR diode laser with a wavelength of 808 – 980 nm for welding of plastics. Progressive joining technology for industrial applications. A laser welding system specifically developed for LaserMicronics can do both radial as well as quasi-simultaneous welding of plastic components.[list/]

In addition, milling systems are available for processing of printed boards in prototype and small series manufacturing.
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