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Cutting micro-parts from metal

Cutting micro-parts from metal

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With modern lasers, highly precise cut parts can be cut with a thickness of up to 2 mm from commercially available sheet metal.

LaserMicronics processes stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum and titanium with a repeat accuracy of ±2 µm and radii of 10 µm. The laser process used makes production of additional tools unnecessary - now production of small and medium-size series directly from the layout file is also worthwhile.

Even single pieces are cost-effective: for example, LaserMicronics also manufactures gobos for projectors.

Advantages of laser technology

  • Flexibility: contour cutting directly from the layout data
  • Precision with high degree of edge steepness without reworking
  • Neither thermal nor mechanical influencing of cut parts
  • Cost-effective even with small quantities
  • High level of repeat accuracy
  • No tool costs
  • Any contours and openings
  • Parameters for broad range of materials available

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