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Dirk Rettschlag

PCB specialist joins LaserMicronics

Dirk Rettschlag contributes mechanical engineering know-how and PCB expertise

LaserMicronics GmbH's new contact for customers of laser cutting and structuring services is Dirk Rettschlag - and he is already right on more...

Thorne Lietz

Specialist in Cutting and Structuring by Laser

Thorne Lietz moves from LPKF to LaserMicronics

There are actually only a few steps between the head office of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG and that of LaserMicronics. Thorne Lietz will take this short path in future when he leaves the LPKF PCB prototyping sales team to take over PCB laser services at more...

Cleanroom for laser plastic welding

Cleanroom for laser plastic welding

LaserMicronics expands production spectrum

The demand for high quality manufacturing services with the laser is constantly growing. LaserMicronics as a specialist for laser micromachining uses the good market climate to place additional production offers. In June, the laser plastic welding branch in Fuerth had already moved into new, modern administration and production facilities. Now a clean room went into operation to add more sophisticated plastic more...

Robot Hand with a Sensitive Touch

Robot Hand with a Sensitive Touch

CITEC employs compact LDS component as a sensor array

After several years of collaboration, a team of more than 200 scientists from various disciplines have achieved an important milestone: with the development of a tactile sensor in the shape of a fingertip made of a complex LDS component, artificial hands can learn to more...

LaserMicronics assumes LDS production for Festo BionicANTs

One Small Step for an Ant …

LaserMicronics assumes LDS production for Festo BionicANTs

Festo AG & Co. KG from Esslingen has already presented a few engineered structures based on models from nature in the past. At this year's Hannover Fair, the company has chosen to demonstrate collaborative ants - BionicANTs working together on tasks they could not accomplish alone. The BionicANTs owe their compactness and functional exteriors to LPKF technology: thanks to the LDS process, they carry electronic components and traces on their more...

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