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Coupling housing for digital model railways
First place in this year’s MID Industry Award goes to an application for the automated digital pairing of model trains. The plastic coupling between two rail cars is structured and metallized by LaserMicronics GmbH industry more...

MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly)
LaserMicronics GmbH has developed a method for the structuring of MEA films (Membrane Electrode Assembly), which lie at the heart of micro fuel more...

LaserMicronics GmbH provides laser micromachining services, offering clients a complete range of services from comprehensive advice during the concept phase, through prototype and batch more...

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG established LaserMicronics GmbH as its new service provider in October, 2003. Based at the LPKF Laser Center in Garbsen, the new subsidiary is the umbrella for laser micro-material processing. LaserMicronics GmbH assumes the services previously offered by ELASER GmbH. Managing directors of LaserMicronics GmbH are Bernd Hackmann, chairman of the board, and Dr. Jörg Kickelhain, member of the board of directors of LPKF Laser & Electronics more...

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