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LaserMicronics assumes LDS production for Festo BionicANTs

One Small Step for an Ant …

LaserMicronics assumes LDS production for Festo BionicANTs

Festo AG & Co. KG from Esslingen has already presented a few engineered structures based on models from nature in the past. At this year's Hannover Fair, the company has chosen to demonstrate collaborative ants - BionicANTs working together on tasks they could not accomplish alone. The BionicANTs owe their compactness and functional exteriors to LPKF technology: thanks to the LDS process, they carry electronic components and traces on their more...

These investments have borne fruit: after moving into new, larger production buildings, and expanding its machine pool, LaserMicronics reports a rise in turnover of approx. ten per cent compared to the first six months of the previous year. The specialist company for micromachining and material processing with lasers now has over 25 employees at its headquarters in Garbsen and the branch in Erlangen (Laser Plastic Welding).read more...

A newly introduced paint heralds the start of prototyping for three-dimensional interconnect devices: LPKF ProtoPaint LDS creates conducting paths on plastic prototypes, near-series directly from the layout software. LaserMicronics was involved in evaluating the painting process – with great resultsread more...

LaserMicronics GmbH has been a consultant and job-shop service company for laser micromachining for 20 years now. At “productronica” 2009, the Garbsen laser specialists will be awarding three brand-new iPods in a prize draw. read more...

Lars Ederleh
The Board of Managing Directors of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG has appointed Lars Ederleh as new Managing Director of its subsidiary LaserMicronics GmbH with immediate effect. Ederleh has run the operative business of LaserMicronics since May 2005. The 34 year-old graduate engineer follows Kai Bentz, who was appointed to the Board of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG in October more...

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