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Specialist in Cutting and Structuring by Laser

Thorne Lietz moves from LPKF to LaserMicronics

There are actually only a few steps between the head office of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG and that of LaserMicronics. Thorne Lietz will take this short path in future when he leaves the LPKF PCB prototyping sales team to take over PCB laser services at LaserMicronics.
Thorne Lietz
Thorne Lietz is responsible for laser cutting and structuring services at LaserMicronics
Thorne Lietz has an excellent knowledge of the electronics industry, which he has worked in since 1985. He was previously responsible for the distribution of high-quality PCB prototyping systems. In this role he acquired extensive knowledge of material processing with lasers from working on customer projects. After joining LaserMicronics on April 1, he is now the contact person for the distribution of the cutting and structuring services with lasers.

He sees great market potential for laser cutting processes: 'Our UV laser cutting systems machine sensitive substrates without mechanical stress and with minimal thermal impact. Exciting applications are for example the reworking of PCBs, cutting and drilling of flexible substrates, metal layers on ceramics or the patterning of LTCC substrates.'


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