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LPKF appoints new Managing Director for its Subsidiary LaserMicronics GmbH

The Board of Managing Directors of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG has appointed Lars Ederleh as new Managing Director of its subsidiary LaserMicronics GmbH with immediate effect. Ederleh has run the operative business of LaserMicronics since May 2005. The 34 year-old graduate engineer follows Kai Bentz, who was appointed to the Board of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG in October 2007.
LaserMicronics GmbH is located at Garbsen and Erlangen in Germany. The company specialises in production services in the areas of laser machining and laser plastics welding which are mainly carried out on LPKF systems.

Lars Ederleh
Lars Ederleh

About LaserMicronics

LaserMicronics GmbH specializes in micromachining and material processing with laser systems. Engineers and physicists work on the development of customer-specific solutions backed up by their wide-ranging pool of machines. The range of services includes feasibility studies, process optimization and the job-shop production of prototypes or series.


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LaserMicronics GmbH

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LaserMicronics GmbH
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