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LPKF establishes LaserMicronics GmbH for high-quality laser micro-processing services

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG established LaserMicronics GmbH as its new service provider in October, 2003. Based at the LPKF Laser Center in Garbsen, the new subsidiary is the umbrella for laser micro-material processing. LaserMicronics GmbH assumes the services previously offered by ELASER GmbH. Managing directors of LaserMicronics GmbH are Bernd Hackmann, chairman of the board, and Dr. Jörg Kickelhain, member of the board of directors of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG.
“The range of services offered by the LPKF Laser Center has been so well-received by the market that, a year after starting, it now makes sense for it to become independent,” says Dr.-Ing. Marc Hüske, technical director of LaserMicronics. Together with the ELASER services, LaserMicronics offers high-quality laser micro-processing services to customers from microelectronics, medical technologies, automotive, telecommunications, and other fields.

The following laser sources are available from LaserMicronics, demonstrating its diverse system configurations for micro-material processing:
  • Excimer lasers with wavelengths of 248 and 308 nm
  • Solid state lasers with wavelengths of 355 and 1064 nm
  • Innovative CO2 laser

The scope of services available from LaserMicronics includes: PCB finishing, creation of ultra-fine tracks smaller than 15 microns (for example: sensors), microvias, grooving, cutting and engraving, glass structuring, and thin coat ablation for the production of sensor components. The latest service to be added is the production of 3D MID components applying LPKF's Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology.

LaserMicronics applies the know-how of its application engineers and the close ties with its clients to continuously seek and develop new and customized solutions and process developments.
LaserMicronics GmbH

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