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Mission Statement LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

'Success is teamwork'

1. We work for the success of our customers.

Benefiting our customers is the focus of our work. All our activities and decisions are aimed at improving the competitiveness of our customers through technological advancement and cost savings.

2. We utilize success to sustainably strengthen LPKF.

A successful enterprise is in the interest of customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders. Our particular focus is therefore on strengthening the company’s innovative resources and profitability to lay the foundations for sustained, long-term growth.

3. We focus on leading positions in technology.

LPKF is a technology group. We shape the technological progress and gain leading market positions through the strength of our superior solutions. We concentrate our efforts on products with the potential to become the number one or number two in market position.

4. We work internationally and partnership-based.

A sense of professional partnership characterizes our relationships: with customers, suppliers and distributors as well as with companies and individual employees within the LPKF group. As part of an internationally active group, we strive for understanding and cooperation between various cultures and philosophies, and always place our common interests at the forefront of international relations.

5. We deliver quality.

The high quality of our products is the key to customer satisfaction. All employees shoulder responsibility for the quality of the work we do for our customers. LPKF promotes the professional qualifications of its employees to sustain the high quality our products.

6. We do our share to protect the environment.

With laser-based technology we help to reduce waste. It is our policy to continue on the path of environmental awareness with our eco-friendly product design and sustainable business practices.

7. We are concerned about the health and well-being of all of our colleagues

Health and well-being are the foundation for success. This is why staying healthy and ensuring workplace safety are high priorities for us.

8. We continually strive for improvement.

We are never satisfied with the status quo. Instead, we constantly aim to optimize our products and the processes required for their development and production. It goes without saying that our corporate culture is open and encourages learning and constructive criticism.

9. We take corporate social responsibility very seriously.

Our responsibility extends to our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and the public. Being a good corporate citizen includes obeying applicable laws at all times and everywhere, respecting ethical principles and pursuing sustainability. The LPKF Compliance Code supports us in this endeavor.
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