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TCO/ ITO laser processing

TCO / ITO Laser Processing

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TCO / ITO Laser Processing

The laser creates ultra-fine insulation spaces in the invisible TCO layer. Invisible conductive structures < 50 µm thus come about.

For example, indium tin oxide (ITO) is used for TCO coatings. It can be applied as a very thin conductive and light-transmissive coating on glass or plastics. ITO glass is used, for example, in high-quality display and touch screen technology.

Laser structuring of ITO layers

The ITO coating is produced using sputter technology. The electrical and transparent characteristics depend on precise control of the oxygen content during the coating process and the indium/tin ratio, among other things.

The TCO layer can be applied to the most varied substrate materials such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), cellulose triacetate, PEN (polyethylene naphthenate), glass, etc.
Most areas of application presuppose a structuring. Laser technology is the first choice for this, too. LaserMicronics uses a process here that creates completely invisible insulation spaces on the substrate surfaces by means of UV laser radiation.

Advantages of ITO laser structuring

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