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LaserMicronics awarded Seal of Approval

Authorized LDS ManufacturerLaserMicronics has been awarded by LPKF Laser & Electronics as 'Authorized LDS Manufacturer'. Only manufacturers that fulfill the high quality standards and verifiably produce with the LPKF-LDS method and approved materials receive the seal.

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Cleanroom for laser plastic welding
November 23, 2015

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Location Garbsen
Vertriebsmitarbeiter (m/w) Lasermaterialbearbeitung
Welcome to LaserMicronics GmbH
LaserMicronics is a comprehensive job-shop service provider of micromachining and material processing using cutting-edge industrial lasers. We manufacture applications in prototype, small batch or high volume quantities.

Let us help you realize the possibilities that laser processing has to offer!

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